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Sylvia's story about her dad, Heinz

My father was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma on April 22, 2016.  It was then that his journey began into a world of doctors, treatments and medicines.  My father was in his 80th year and had never been sick nor been in a hospital other than to visit family or friends.  With his positive outlook and attitude towards life and everything he did, he embraced the offer to become part of a clinical trial.

My father was fortunate to have been considered for a clinical trial being conducted at Sunnybrook Health Services at the Odette Cancer Centre under the care of Dr. Bjarnason and his incredible team of Doctors and Nurses.  It did not take long for my father to feel comfortable in Dr. Bjarnason’s care and the care of Nesan Bandali, his Clinical Trial Nurse and the entire staff at the Odette Cancer Centre from the wonderful Volunteers to the incredible Doctors who have shown not only my father but my family nothing but kindness, compassion, patience and understanding despite their extremely busy schedules.

It was on this clinical trial that my father witnessed and experienced the shrinking and disappearing of the cancerous tumors that had taken over his body.  For the first time since the terrible diagnosis he felt hopeful and was able to make a last trip back to his home in Austria where he usually spent six months out of the year. He celebrated his 80th birthday with his family and was able to still meet with his wonderful clients of more than 55 years just weeks before his passing of an unrelated illness.  

My father was a believer in Dr. Bjarnason’s approach to fighting renal cell cancer and in the immunotherapy program and its positive impact on the way doctors, nurses and hospitals are now treating cancer.

In his memory, and knowing how much he believed in Dr. Bjarnason, the Odette Cancer Centre and Sunnybrook Hospital, it is only fitting that my family support the efforts to fund renal cell cancer research with the greatest hope that together we can find a cure. ~Sylvia Losberg